There is a fellow artist, a man, a talented lyricist, poet, and hip hop artist that I had the pleasure of working with while in Denver. I say pleasure because he was one of my most favorite clients – honest, trustworthy, easy to get along with, a pleasure to be around, and most of all an inspiration.

Tragically, he has passed away recently. I am nothing short of shocked and saddened upon hearing the news. He had nothing but promise, hope, and a long life ahead of him. He was truly living his dream, working as a performing artist doing what he loved most.

Some people know him as Bionik; I also know him as Nate. Not that I ever knew him deeply or personally as some of his friends and family do. But nevertheless he touched me; he inspired me — both as an artist, and as a human being. Without even knowing it, he taught me a lot about music, life, and performance. And for that I am grateful our paths crossed for the brief time in Denver.

So be well, Nate. You will always be with us, and I will miss you greatly.