Can combining music prediction tech and quantified self data help treat conditions like insomnia, depression, and autism?



I think most folks realize that music has the power to improve your mood, uplift spirits, and console you in times of need. Whether it’s to make your workday a little less monotonous, or to help with the unbearable pain of losing a loved one, most of us have experienced the therapeutic aspects of our favorite tunes, even if it was completely sub-consious.

Along these lines, I just watched a great TedMed video from Ketki Karanam about the groundbreaking research her and her team is doing at Sync Project. They are using wearable tech to help scientifically determine and quantify exactly how and why music affects our biology. Their goal? To harness the therapuetic power of music and to effectively create non-medicated treatments for patients. They hope to be able to one day target specific diseases, syndromes, and disorders, providing cures without side-effects.